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Aartoft means quality

In all projects we are in close contact with the customers in order to ensure that everything runs according to their requirements. Using state of the art IT tools, the customer will be kept updated constantly in order to follow the progress on their own project.

Based on the specification that the customer’s architect and our project team have agreed, our design department completes a detailed CAD specification as the basis for production.

We start constructing a reference bathroom pod that gives the customer, their architect and engineers the opportunity to control dimensions, quality and presentation. When the reference pod is approved the production of the bathroom pods continues in accordance with the reference pod.

Our comprehensive quality manual is the starting point for the production of every order and we always fully meet the requirements of the market and segment we operate in.

Every individual bathroom pod has its own quality assurance log where the person responsible for quality control documents everything that has to be checked and tested before delivery.

All mechanical and electrical installations are always checked during production. The quality and characteristics of the concrete are closely monitored by an external and recognised laboratory.

This means that we have complete control of each element of the production to ensure everything goes according to plan.