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Pre-Built Bathrooms – design to installation

With Aartoft’s off-site construction methods there is only one point of contact. We design, build and deliver full steel frame or lightweight concrete turn-key pre-built bathrooms. This process usually results in significant time savings compared to on-site construction and ensures the process is controlled and managed and thus eradicates potential problems on site.

Design/Project management

Each steel frame or lightweight concrete pre-built bathroom pod is project managed by Aartoft and designed according to the customer’s architect’s drawings and an agreed specification and must be approved by the client.

Reference bathroom pod

A reference pod will be produced to give the customer the opportunity to view the real product before the main production begins.


When producing our pre-built bathrooms, we use a combination of technology and craftsmanship. Each bathroom is produced in our factory near Newcastle, where each workstation is designed to optimise quality and efficiency and our production staff are highly skilled and have many years experience. All equipment and parts are sourced from selected suppliers to ensure the best possible result.

Delivery and installation

We transport the pre-built bathrooms on lorries from our factory near Newcastle to the customer’s building site. We use logistic partners who have extensive experience in handling our  bathroom pods and who guarantee delivery on time. To protect the high quality and finish of the pods, they are delivered to site sealed and protected.
Prior to handover all pre-built bathroom pods are thoroughly inspected once again by an engineer from Aartoft Ltd together with the client’s on-site manager. Any damages or faults will be dealt with immediately. When the building is taken into use, Aartoft Ltd will of course be at hand with service and advice, in order to maintain optimal satisfaction in the years to come.